Tuition Rates and School Fees

Kaleidoscope School of Discovery serves a diverse student base with a wide variety of educational needs. Most students attending KSOD receive services through scholarship programs which may cover 100% of a student’s tuition. Some students may have a small tuition co-pay depending on scholarship funding levels. Parents interested in enrollment should speak with a school administrator about scholarship offerings.

All students have annual fees associated with supplies and online curriculum subscriptions. These are listed below:

Students K-5: $35 Annual Fee - Online Language Arts Subscription

$35 Annual Fee - Online Math Subscription

Students 6-12: $45 Annual Fee - Online Math Subscription

All Students: $30 School Supply Fee - All school supplies are provided by KSOD (pencil, paper, etc.)

Graduating Students: $75 Graduation Fee

Annual Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees vary depending on student needs and are set by the administration of KSOD. These fees and co-payment requirements, if any, are set prior to enrollment.

Tuition Level 1: $6,750.00

Tuition Level 2: $8,750.00

Tuition Level 3: $12,500.00

Tuition Level 4: $16,000.00

Tuition Level 5: $20,000.00