Our Mission

KARE empowers students to make their school a better place where everyone feels welcome, safe, and involved

Make kindness a habit

Middle school can be a tumultuous time for adolescents. Bullying and other antisocial behavior tend to peak during these years. Even the most caring kids may find it difficult to truly value those outside their immediate circle. Students involved with KARE learn to be empathetic and to care for students who may be feeling alienated by their peers.

Change negative behaviors and beliefs

Young people are easily influenced by the world around them and may pick up negative cues that guide their behavior inappropriately. As a result, some students may show intolerance and aggression toward others. We have found that the only effective catalyst for change in the social climate of school is for students to take ownership of their school. Students who have this deep level of interest and involvement genuinely want to make their school a better place and will work hard to encourage an environment of friendliness and acceptance. 


Gain confidence by helping and serving others

Middle school is a transition for adolescents, and while it can be an experience of growth and independence for many, for those who face socially related issues, it can leave them feeling insignificant and unworthy. However, when students become involved and are inspired to make a difference in their school, their self-esteem increases.